Creative Craft Cocktails

Poor Man’s Kitchen spawned from my love of craft cocktails and the creative process that goes into developing them. A bartender by trade, I often found myself purchasing similar products to create and develop artisanal cocktails at work. After growing tired of getting a small return on my investment in terms of both quantity and quality, I began creating my own syrups in my Brooklyn apartment. A following soon developed and a bottle of the pumpkin spice syrup made its way onto the Bravo t.v. show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The simple syrup received such high praise that I was encouraged to pursue the venture further. All of the simple syrups are made by hand in small batches using natural ingredients, and contain no preservatives or artificial colors. Try them in cocktails, make your own unique soda with sparkling or soda water, use with your home carbonating device, add some flavor to your coffee or tea, or simply get creative and let us know what you come up with. However you choose, Poor Man’s Kitchen simple syrups are the perfect bespoke ingredient to enhance any occasion.

Classic Cocktails, Small Batch Simple Syrup, with a Family Flare.

All natural ingredients, hand-crafted using artisanal techniques, all with quality and family in mind.
In order to create something truly unique, I decided to personalize my product by incorporating elements from my family’s traditions and history. The name ‘Poor Man’ stems from a translation of my mother’s maiden name, Poveromo, and all of the photos on the label are of my family, mainly my grandparents, growing up in the Bronx. The project pays homage to my past while looking towards the future.
Poor Man’s Kitchen sources all of our natural ingredients from the most unique purveyors in the industry, which enables us to create flavor profiles you won’t find elsewhere. All of the syrups are made with quality in mind and should be used within a month after opening to guarantee freshness. Depending on the conditions the syrup is stored in, a bottle can last anywhere from a few weeks to over a month. Refrigeration  is encouraged and a quick shake of the bottle will redistribute any of the ingredients that may have settled.
I hope you enjoy getting creative with the syrups as much as I enjoy creating them. Make sure to come back and submit your recipe and let us know how you are using your Poor Man’s Kitchen syrup. It’s simple, mix it how you live it!
Poor Man’s Kitchen uses organic spices and cane sugar to flavor each one of its unique syrups for a difference you can taste.