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The Kilpatrick Fine Strainer was tested against 9 other strainers on the market and was rated the “best Hawthorne strainer” by Serious Eats! “This strainer combines the best aspects of a traditional Hawthorne strainer with a fine mesh strainer to ensure an ultra-thorough strain that prevents even the smallest bits of herbs from reaching the serving glass. It’s also ergonomic, balanced, and easy to use.” Check out the article here

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Our friends at Cocktails Distilled have run a feature on the new Kilpatrick Fine Strainer. Check out the link below!

Kilpatrick Fine Strainer Stainless Steel

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06Apr 2021

Pre-Order the New Kilpatrick Fine Strainer

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Pre-orders are now live for the newest model of the Kilpatrick Fine Strainer. The design has been improved, eliminating unnecessary metal which has increased the surface area that liquid flows through, allowing for even faster strains. Additionally, it is now more compatible with certain rinse sinks due to its rounded body. Lastly, at the request of quite a few of you, the spring has been tightened. The new model comes in stainless steel, matte black, copper and gold. Now you can fine strain in style, matching your favorite bar set! As a thank you, a bulk discount has been built into any order of 4+ strainers.

Retrain your strain with the Kilpatrick Fine Strainer!

Kilpatrick Fine Strainer Stainless Steel

Kilpatrick Fine Strainer Matte Black

Kilpatrick Fine Strainer Copper

Kilpatrick Fine Strainer Gold

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